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Summer 2014 is here!!

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Moen Lake Chain - Where beautiful wildlife abounds - Click to enlarge Moen Lake Chain - Our beautiful eagle population is just one of the many benefits of the chainPAY YOUR 2014 MEMBERSHIP - Try our NEW ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP FORM

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Summer is upon us. Get out and enjoy the Northwoods - SAFELY.The Oneida County Planning and Development Committee is conducting a survey to assess public opinion on boathouses and piers. The survey will be conducted now through Aug. 15. Read more here

Read about the PAN FISH REGULATION debate
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TOUR THE CHAIN...CLICK HERE ***Moen Chain duck parade. Now Jr. be sure and look both ways before going out in the channel.

Mark your calendars!

This years MLCA Annual Picnic will be held August 17, 2014
on the beach of The Birchwood Lodge, 3rd Lake.


Good fun, good food, good company! Hope to see you there!


Doe takes a swim on 2nd Lake June 8, 2014 Fantastic Pileated Woodpecker off Second Lake

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