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2015 - 2016 Walleye Bag Limits - CLICK HERE

The SPRING 2015 Newsletter is online - CLICK HERE

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Promote the prestigious LoonWatch program activities for the Moen Lake Chain. Gather Loon activity from Loon watchers that you solicit from the entire chain and enter that activity into the LoonWatch program database.

Here are some of the details of your job. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

  • Northern Lights picture taken from the dock at the Ornbo cottage on 4th Lake, facing north. Northern Lights
    Northern Lights picture taken from the dock at the Ornbo cottage on 4th Lake, facing north.

Northern Lights picture was taken on May 19, 2015 at 11:58 pm. It was taken from the dock at the Ornbo cottage on 4th Lake, facing north. The light on the ground is Camp Deerhorn. There also appears to be a shooting star in the photo. an added bonus to a special picture. Tap or place your cursor over the picture.

June 10, 2015   MLCA - John Kubisiak, DNR Fisheries Biologist, Rhinelander, would like to hear comments (positive or negative) from MLCA members and any other Moen Chain fishermen regarding the (three walleye daily bag limit) and the (15" minimum, 20-24" no keep slot, only one over 24" limit) on the Moen Chain. Please send your comments to Gary Berweger, MLCA Fish & Habitat Committee Chair.


Volunteers Needed to Protect your Lake!

We are looking for property owners that are concerned about keeping destructive Aquatic Invasive Species out of our water. Clean Boat Clean Water volunteers will be at the boat launch starting May 2nd to educate boaters and inspect their watercraft.

Shifts are available every weekend throughout the summer, if you are interested in helping, please contact us at


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  • Bunchberry Bunchberry
    Bunchberry flower - Moen Lake Chain Spring 2015
  • Foggy morning Foggy morning
    A foggy morning - Moen Lake Chain Spring 2015
  • Early Lady slipper Early Ladyslipper
    Early morning Lady slipper - Moen Lake Chain Spring 2015



The question is often raised whether it is 'Law' or 'Best Practice' not to remove fallen trees from the water. According to Wendy Henniges, the DNR Water Regulation and Zoning person:

If a tree falls from your property into the water, you CAN remove it within a 2 week time period. Once the tree settles into the lake bottom, you will need a permit to lawfully remove the tree. Once it is settled, you would be 'dredging' to remove it, and that requires a permit.

Even if it falls on to your pier or in your mooring can remove the tree before it settles, but you will still need a permit if it fell and stayed there for over 2 weeks.

Ms Henniges also said that our lakes are 'starved' for woody debris that was abundant prior to development. She would prefer to see all fallen trees stay. It is good for the environment.

You can cut off branches that are above water, as long as you do not disturb the lake bottom where the rest of the tree has settled.

I hope this clarifies this commonly misunderstood property management requirement. For additional clarification please call Ms Henniges at 715-365-8961.

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Fish Sticks - A DNR Project for Improving Lake Habitat

The MLCA Board is interested in pursuing a grant to provide Fish Sticks in our chain only if private parties are interested in this DNR project. We will be bringing the idea to our Annual Meeting and will provide support to anyone who is interested. 

According to the DNR, the project is "Fish Sticks" projects are intended to restore woody habitat in lakes by adding trees to the near-shore area. They are large woody habitat structures that use either single trees or trees grouped together. Fish sticks structures are anchored to the shore and are partially or fully submerged near the shoreline of a lake. Fish sticks projects are completed to provide additional fish habitat, as well as to expand fishing opportunities by anglers and provide protection to shorelines. Additional information on fish sticks and the fish sticks implementation process can be found in the Fish Sticks Best Practices Manual. [PDF]

We Set the Date for the
Annual Meeting and Annual Picnic

Our MLCA Annual Meeting will be held at the Pine Valley Resort July 11, Saturday at 10am.  The speaker will talk about the "Fish Sticks" program and ways an individual property owner can create natural habitat on our lake. 

The Annual Picnic will be held at the Birchwood beach on Saturday August 22 at 3PM.  Come and join your lake neighbors for a visit and stop by to meet and talk with the board members. You are welcome to share an appetizer or dessert. It is a very casual event and we welcome all to come.

You will hear more about these events in the Moonbeams later this spring.  Just mark you calendar for now...

If you have thoughts or suggestions, find something that is broken or just generally want to comment on the work here please drop us a note at

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